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Since the spread of the COVID-19 and the strict lockdown measures adopted by countries all over the world, the requirements for facility managers in Denmark and abroad have changed. While many (especially knowledge workers) continue working from home, facility managers play a key role as they prepare for when society will be opened again.
23. april 2020
Nomatter the industry, co-creation of value is a hot topic. Marketing specialists swear by it; manufacturers and service providers try to integrate it in their innovation practices; researchers study it. But what is value co-creation, and how does it apply to FM?
1. februar 2017
In FM, just as in any other sector of the contemporary economy, innovation has become a not only recommended, but also required element of survival and growth. External FM providers as well as internal FM departments are aware of the role of innovation as a tool to succeed and compete in the dynamic contemporary FM market.
1. november 2015